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Sunday, 16 October 2016

New BERNINA Sewing machine Provided by

I have had such an exciting day! I went to Chester to visit Jaycotts, click here to go to their web site

I was given my brand new sewing machine, and I am thoroughly delighted with it.

It is a Bernina 350 and comes with a whole range of accessories. I have not even plugged it in at home yet though, I am being very good and reading through the instruction book first.  I promise to show you what it can do once I have read through it and switched it on! I have used my last machine, also from Jaycotts, for 10 years now and have been delighted with the service from them when it has needed attention
The instruction book is clear, concise and very easy to follow.There are plenty of accessories included with it including a walking foot which I use a lot. One small touch which I like is that there is a stitch pattern summary card which slots into the handle and which makes choosing a new stitch easy. It will certainly save me from fumbling through my old dog-eared instruction booklet every time I want to choose a different stitch.

The machine comes with a supply of tools and different feet, dependant on which model you choose. Extra feet can be purchased once you decide which ones you will actually use. I needed an inch visible zipper foot and an overedge foot, which I find is a great alternative to the overlocker especially when you don't have overlock thread in the correct colour

I love the ease at which the machine does beautiful embroidery, there are never any snapped threads wit this machine, even when sewing at speed.  I do recommend using an embroidery needle though, especially when sewing with special embroidery threads,

One of my favourite and most useful attachments is this walking foot, I use if for sewing both bulky and very fine fabrics, I could not be without it.

I made a short video showing you the advantages of using a walking foot,

I hope from this that you can see how invaluable they are, they are worth every penny.

Another feature which I like is that there are several different needle positions to choose from, not just left right and centre.

The link to the sewing machine on Jaycotts web site is  Bernina 350 Jaycotts.Co. uk

The history behind Jaycotts is fascinating, it is a family business dating back to 1920, so it is very well established.
They do have a store in Chester which has a lot of sewing machines, over lockers,  Horn  cabinets and much more to look at. They also stock sewing machine accessories and even carry out repairs! It is worth a visit if you want to try some machines out prior to making a choice although they do deliver!

Jaycotts have  an online store,  address above. So if you need a new sewing machine, overlocker, cabinet, sewing pattern, notions or anything else sewing related do look at their web site. Quick delivery is assured and I can honestly say that I have always found that to be so.
My previous machine was a Brother nx -400 which I bought at Jaycotts  over 10 years ago. It only even needed one repair and that was to replace the automatic needle threader, it cost just a few pounds and took a few minutes to do that's all.

If you have any queries give them a ring on 01244 394099 They are very frendly and knowledgeable. They will talk to you about the different machines on sale and help you to choose one which best suits your needs and your budget. They also sell overlockers and Horn cabinets which are to die for . I love to be organised and tidy so anything which stores things neatly really rocks my boat.
They often have special offers on machines, patterns and haberdashery so do keep visiting the site, and when you do place an order don't forget to mention me!

Thank you very much indeed the Jaycott family, I really am thrilled and delighted to be a part of your company in this small way. Your generosity is overwhelming.

Thank you Jaycotts



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