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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Sewing for myself - and upcoming blog posts.

I often get asked if I put everything I make onto the blog, the answer is no I don't,  it would be impossible to find the time to photograph and blog about everything I make.
At the moment I am sewing  a few basics for myself for summer and I want to show you them.

I have just made two pairs of linen trousers, one pair in black the other in a grey/beige stripe. I can't tell you where to go for the exact same  fabrics because I picked them up from a local shop which was closing down.
Linen on its own creases a  lot so look for a heavy weight or one which is mixed with another fibre, for example cotton. There is no doubt about it, wearing linen is a must for warm weather.

Friday, 1 April 2016


I was delighted to be asked to make a garment for . They sell some beautiful fabrics as you will see when you look at their web site. I was looking for a Jersey fabric to make Colette Patterns Moneta dress, which they also sell. After much deliberation I eventually chose FLORAL HEARTS, IN BLUE it is a lovely heavy but drapey jersey. I love it.

The Colette Pattern Moneta relies on the fabric having plenty of stretch to give it some shape because there are no darts in the garment and no zip. It is therefore vitally important that your fabric has plenty of stretch. Choose your size carefully according to your actual measurements.  Fit is vital in this garment.