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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to up-cycle your jeans

This is a mini blog post showing you how to bling your jeans - and how to make them smaller!

It is easy to take jeans in at the waist, and there are a lot of tutorials online showing you how to remove the waistband at the back, add a dart and reduce the waistband before stitching it back on .
There are only a few tutorials showing you how to take them in at the hip downwards, so this is how I do it - adding some embroidery at the same time

 Unless you have some top stitching thread in the same colour as that used on the jeans you need to find a seam which doesn't have any top stitching. In my case the outside side seams are left plain below the pocket, so these are the seams I am going to use.

 Take your seam ripper, mine is by Prym from Jaycotts, it has a soft grip and comes in small medium and large. Seam Ripper
Start unpicking the side seams carefully from just below the pocket, where there is likely to be some top stitching and finish about four inches above the hem so that we do not have a new hem to cope with.

So now we have the side seams open part way. Press at this point, i used some starch to stiffen the fabric.
If you are going to embroider as I did then choose your design and measure where you want to place it. If you are adding a bought applique then you can pin and tack 
 It in place now and sew it in place by machine. You could use a diamante trim!
To hoop the fabric for machine embroidery, your jeans are likely to be in a stretch denim so they need stabilising firmly. I pressed on an iron on stabiliser to the back  first, this one is called Totally Stable by Gutterman Iron on stabiliser  I also used a layer of Gunold tear away stabiliser and hooped it with the jeans fabric Gunold Stabiliser. Stretch fabrics can be difficult to embroider unless they are held really firmly in the hoop.


This is my amazing embroidery machine, it has totally revolutionised my sewing and if you find yourself near to Chester I do urge you to call in at Jaycotts and ask for a demonstration. Brother Innov-is 800E . This machine is an investment I agree but if you are serious about making most of your own clothes and household items the money you will save justifies the cost, and you can then easily embelish  just about anything, even your bed linen, giving everything your own personal touch.

This is the design I chose which took twenty minutes to embroider. You can add more embroidery if you like and you could also add some to the back. If you do have some top stitching thread the same colour then you could remove the back pockets, carefully, embroider them and stitch them back on.

Remove the backing stabilisers and turn inside out. Pin the seams together again and stitch along your new seam-line.I took mine in at this point.
Then overlock the seam to match the rest of the inside and press.

This is my finished design . I chose a design in four colours which sits on the thigh . The design would look great repeated just above it.
The whole project took just over an hour from start to finish.
 You will have lots of ideas of your own to embelish your jeans. It will certainly give them a new lease of life and they will fit better too.

Thank you for  reading this post


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