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Saturday, 8 July 2017

What I wear on holiday. Packing for all weathers!

People keep asking me what I wear on holiday and if I take only me-made clothes.
The answer is that it depends on where I am visiting. So here are a few examples of what I take with me.
The one thing which annoys me now is that cabin baggage has mostly been reduced to 5k. A good portion of that for me is taken up with necessary medication and my electronic devices. I used to enjoy short breaks where the cabin allowance was 10k or sometimes more. The hold luggage has now been reduced to 15k mostly too. When I am in holiday I like to wear all my nice clothes, so I have to admit that I pay extra and then I can take 20k.

My last holiday was to Austria which is somewhere I absolutely love. The climate is wonderful but it can change in an instant so you do need to be prepared.

The basics of my Austrian wardrobe are layers. For day time walks and so on it is essential that you have the correct clothing,and always wear factor 50 sun protection - you are nearer the sun in Austria, especially if you go on a gondola to the top of a mountain which is something I love to do. 
I invest in good quality hiking trousers, yes they are expensive but last for years, and I take a fleece jacket and a fleece jumper too. Underneath I wear T-shirts. A thin scarf is also useful.
You also need a good waterproof jacket and I also take a lightweight waterproof to keep in my ruc-sac.

Whether you intend to or not you will end up doing a lot of walking so it is essential that you have the correct footwear.I have heavy hiking boots for winter and a light weight pair of hiking boots which I take in the summer. Buy good quality hiking socks too and I make sure that they have a comfort top. You only need a couple of pairs if you rinse them through when you take them off.

For trips into larger towns and cities I take white pants and a navy jacket with a scarf in case it is a bit cooler.
I travel in my jacket and a good quality pair of jeans, and I slip my waterproof jacket on when boarding and out it under my seat. I also wear my hiking boots to save weight in my case.

This is a smart outfit for wearing on a day out or in the evening. I do coordinate my holiday wardrobe so that I can mix and match. Usually I choose Navy as a base colour and wear a lot of white and cream with it.

Bags are so useful. This is a tote bag I made, there is a blog post showing you how to make them. Bags, Totes and Shoppers. Choose a fabric you like or use leftovers, it really is your choice.

This is Krimmel Waterfalls, you will definitely be glad of your hiking boots and your waterproofs here!

This is the very pretty town of Mayrhofen, the view from my balcony  showing the lovely hotel garden

This is another bag I made if you prefer something a bit more substantial. This is also useful as your carry-on luggage. The instructions are on the same blog post as above.
Other things to remember that you will feel full to bursting after your evening meal so you will want to head out for a walk after dinner, so make sure that the clothes you wear into the evening are appropriate for a stroll in. Austrian women still wear the Dirndl so you may want to pack a pretty dress and low heeled shoes. Mostly though smart casual is ok. Don't forget your flip flops - useful for going to breakfast in, wearing in your room or going to the pool. I take nice sparkly ones.

Another favourite holiday destination in Costa Teguise in Lanzarote,  Take a look at these hotels Costa Teguise
"On The Beach" has some great offers for all destinations at the moment , so do take a look by clicking above or on the icon in my sidebar. I find their customer services amazing, and they price is good too with a great choice to suit most budgets

I usually go away at the beginning and the end of the year when it is not too hot and my usual outfits consist of tunic tops and white or navy crop pants.
There are three blog posts about tunic tops. The top one which I also made in white is on this link Tunic top in Navy with lace

And the one above with the flamingo design is here, Serendipity Willow Tunic top
I find this combination totally practical and pretty. Tunics  are smart yet casual, can be worn as beach cover ups and are perfect for day and evening, protecting you from the hot sun as well as chilly evening winds.
Pair the outfit with wedges or flipflops or even just flat sandals and you are ready for any occasion

The reason I love Lanzarote is because it is a direct opposite of Austria yet still very beautiful. The volcanic Lava provides a stunning backdrop to the spectacular flowers and the sea.

Of course another reason why I love visiting there is because of its connection to my favourite artist Cesar Manrique. His influence is everywhere and I always go to visit the Cesar Manrique Fundacion where his own pictures and his collection of Picasso art can be viewed. Manrique took his influence from the type of designs on the  fabric in my dress and jacket, so this is one outfit which I always take with me. Instructions for making this outfit are How to sew an all in one facing on a dress and a matching Jacket. This is perhaps my most favourite outfit of all time. And that's a Manrique picture behind me.

This dress would be perfect for a cruise wouldn't it, I can imagine having lunch in it.
Fred Olsen has some deals at the moment Cruise deals and I am tempted I have to admit. There are some smaller ships which would appeal to me I think, take a look at the link above or click on the picture in the sidebar on the right.
I usually take a couple of nice dresses with me, sometimes it is nice to go and sit in a bar or cafe in a pretty dress isn't it, and they are great to wear in the evenings. This is one of my latest makes and the post showing how to make it is on this link A lined Simplicity Dress

This is why I like to wear trousers and tunic tops! Extremely practical for all the exploring we need to do on holiday!

This is a lovely dress made from cotton which came to Austria and will be going on my next holiday to. I have almost finished making another one in red with bright flowers on it. The weight of a garment is important - the less it weighs the better! This is the link showing you how to make it A Hand printed Batik cotton dress

I just made this pattern again in a lovely red printed cotton and I love them both

 This is the white tunic top I mentioned earlier. Don't forget you can make them in printed fabric if you are not ready for an embroidery machine yet.   Embroidered tunic top 

 I don't especially like T-SHIRTS , they show every lump and bump. Much more flattering are these easy to make shell tops, which can be made from oddments of fabric. I have lots of these little tops and as they are made  from leftover fabrics they cost nothing. I like free tops don't you?
The instructions are the same as for the Mondrian style top below.

Another practical holiday outfit is a shell top as above plus Palazzo trousers, they can be made in any fabric and are loose, flowing and cool to wear. See how to make Palazzo trousers here Palazzo trousers

 The Charlotte dress

This is another great holiday dress The Charlotte dress the three quarter length sleeves keep the sun off your arms and again it is a dress which can be dressed up or down. I made this dress twice, the second version in green  has a more A-line skirt and is slightly longer

Enjoying a cold glass of wine.

This is the Mondrian top, another shell top . This one is particularly good as it can be made from small scraps of fabric   A shell top with all in one facing I would definitely start to make some now for your next holiday if nothing else.

This is a simple top with short sleeves also worn  with white trousers . People question white trousers but honestly they really don't get as grubby as you imagine they would. They are a great item to have in your summer wardrobe, I take a pair of  long ones a pair of cropped pants with me on holiday and they do last two weeks between them

I hope that I have answered your questions.  I travel a lot and I do my research before I go so that I have an idea what sort of clothes I should take. My summer wardrobe is entirely hand made and at the moment I am replacing some of my older dresses and tops with new ones, but basically I wear the same type of clothes.
For a more active holiday I do take purchased performance wear because it is robust and adapts to the climate.
I think that a little of both is good don't you?
The important thing is to choose a colour scheme and build your holiday wardrobe around it so that you have a lot of different combinations from fewer clothes. I plan my packing carefully and very rarely bring anything home unworn.

Thank you for reading this. Do look at the links to holiday companies as well as my blog posts to give you inspiration. Happy holiday!


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